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Who am I

My name is Harm Frielink, born in Leiden, the Net­her­lands, on August 21, 1954. I am currently living in Nordhorn Germany with my wife Riet and 2 beautiful cats.

Since September 2016 I am retired. I have worked for Saxion, Newcom R&C, IBM, Logica(CMG), de Goudse & Micropartners.
My interests in alpha­betical order are Actuarial/Math Calculations, Ancient Cities, Chess, Computers, Contract Bridge, Cycling, Formula 1, History (especially WWI), Motorbikes (MotoGP), Pop Music (Top2000), Programming, Soccer, Tennis and Wikipedia.


Sharing knowledge is crucial. I am using MediaWiki to share this know­ledge on the Internet. Feel free to visit my internet Wiki with items on eBooks, Programming, Patterns and History (World War I).
Please note not all items on my Wiki are public.

More knowledge-links can also be found on the Energy for Households, Keyword Links, Financial Calculator, Gamble Safe Calculator and Roulette Draws. I hope you enjoy what you find here, (maybe you wanna) let me know by sending me an email.


Now I am retired I have time to play games, to make games and help websites. The helpwebsite Anno Online Ships and Routes supports the travel of goods and ships in the Anno Online game.
The Formula-1 Augur website is a family & friend Predictor Contest for Formula-1-Races. Please join this contest and have fun.

Internet Search using Tags

How often do you search the internet?
Maybe this question should be: How many times did you search the internet today? Or even more precise: How often did you search and did not find the correct answer on your search question.
And: How many times did you find the result on an already known site?
If you could collect all your searches by the found results, would that make your inquiries more efficient?

Search the Internet using Keywords does exactly that. By adding metadata to search criteria makes inquiries for data more easy. The added metadata containing the searched keywords makes re-use possible. The only disadvantage: you did not make the selection, I did (since 2001).

The knowledge I added to the keywords, in other words, the metadata is of course not only of use for me but also for other users. So why don't you try Keyword Links.

Google Custom Search

Use the Google Custom Search below to search through my websites

Programming Computers

Computers have become a commodity product, with users on Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp. Users who want more still need to learn a Computer Language. However writing Quality-Havily-Used-Secured-Websites is not that simple.
My interest has always been making (static and dynamic) Software-Quality-Controls, Modeling and How-To write Software-Documentation.


A Wiki is a marvelous way to collect and distribute information/knowledge. I am using it for myself and to share information with all others.
Abuse has forced me to disable contribution of unregistered people. Although I am very open minded not all info is available to everybody. See for more information my wiki HaFrWiki.


Occasionally I like to write a blog article to express my opinion. See the social media tags in the footer of this webpage.

History WWI

I have a history fascination especially for World War 1. On Flickr I have put photos of the Ypres, the Somme and Verdun. On my Wiki I have started a small WWI Wiki. Please keep in mind: Photos on the Wiki can be shocking.

Monument Valley

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